Ensure clinical safety with DCB0129 clinical safety

The DCB0129 is a mandated requirement to ensure digital health technologies are safe to use in the NHS.

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DCB 0129

Clinical Safety Compliance

Clinical Safety

Clinical Safety

We can assist you with all aspects of clinical compliance ensuring clinical safety measures are in place and streamlining clinical risk management activities.

How Assuric can help

Accelerate your NHS compliance journey with our trusted platform, with features including:

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Automated document generation

Automated generation of all DCB 0129 deliverable documents, including the Clinical Risk Management Plan and Clinical Safety Case Report.

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Clinical Safety Officer

We can provide an external CSO where required, or our platform makes the life of an existing CSO pain free.

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Enhanced clinical risk management

A streamlined workflow for clinical risk management, hazard creation, hazard workshops, risk assessment and control implementation.


Expert support

When additional support is needed, we include expert DCB0129 consultancy services.

Our platform is trusted across the digital health industry for achieving and maintaining high safety and compliance standards.

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